Saturday, 18 July 2015

Beyoncé revealed “big secret” and pissed off the Beyhive

Queen Bey’s fans are confused, angry and generally just mad about the singer’s latest, rather underwhelming, announcement on Good Morning America.
According to USA Today, Beyoncé’s “big announcement” was teased on Good Morning America in a promo (which kind of looked like
a trailer for some sort of Vh1 Behind The Music special), featuring the star saying: “This is something I have to share with everyone!”

The twittersphere was all a flutter and the Beyhive (Beyoncé’s fans on social media) went nuts. People took off work! Could it be a new album? A collaboration with some other amazing artist? The announcement of baby number two? Nope.

Beyoncé’s a vegan.

Yes. That’s it. That’s the announcement. That’s what Beyoncé needed to make the world stop for. Because she can.

Basically, it was all a ploy to get everyone talking about her new business venture called 
22 Days Nutrition. Apparently, being a vegan has helped Bey to keep her great figure and her skin glowing.

But the Beyhive are mad. Seriously mad. This is just a few of the things they have said:
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