Sunday, 21 June 2015


Actress Yvonne Nelson has always been talking good about her mum. When its mother’s day, it’s all about her and when its father’s day when she should be praising her dad, its still all about her mum taking the fatherly duty upon herself. This led to the question “Where is Yvonne Nelson’s father?”

In Africa setting, it’s clear insult to ones father when a mother takes a role or glory of a father.
This exactly is what the Ghanaian top actress, Yvonne Nelson displayed when she sent a message meant for her father to her mother.
Yvonne took to her social media account to celebrate her mum in commemoration of the father’s Day celebrations.
Yvonne shared some pictures with her mother on her instagram page and captioned them 

‘happiness is seeing your MOTHER smile Happy Father’s Day Mama and mother someone who will love you unconditionally till her last breath. Happy Father’s Day MUM. 
 This gesture cold only mean the actress didn’t have a father figure while growing up as her mum seem to have filled up the space in her heart.

In fact, rumor had it that Yvonne Nelson’s
father is the owner of Nellies Guest House in Dansoman — a very respectable man. From our sources, Yvonne Nelson occasionally drives her VW down there to see her father, so there seems to be some off the limelight relationship between the two.
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