Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bow Wow In Nasty Baby Mama Drama

Bow Wow and fiancee Erica Mena
Shad Moss popularly known as Bow Wow is throwing some major shade at the mother of his daughter, Joie Chavis as he prepares to walk the aisle with his current fiance, Erica Mena.
Apparently, the former rapper's baby mama refused Erica from
attending his daughter Shai's birthday party which Erica didn't tell Bow Wow about.

Instead the video vixen posted a snapchat video allegedly firing shots at Bow's baby mama. In the video, Erica could be heard screaming while partying: “Shout out to the b**ches who are stalking my Snapchat. You just a BM b**ch! Don’t forget.”

Immediately, fans suggested she was really talking about her future husband’s baby mama. After receiving a backlask on social media over the snapchat vid, Erica immediately wrote on her Twitter:
''These weak blogs will make up and twist anything around just for a story. SMH It must be a slow news day for these fools.''

While Erica was trying to do some rumor control, Bow Wow later dropped this on Facebook adding fueling to the fire, however:

''Wish I never had a baby w you EVER!!!! Ill take that to the grave.''
Bow Wow and daughter

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