Sunday, 28 June 2015

Gun men kills 39 At Tunisia Beach-side Hotel - ISIS Claims Responsible

 A gunman disguised as a tourist opens fire at a hotel in Tunisia, with a rifle he had hidden in an umbrella, killing 39 people, including Britons, Germans and Belgians as they lounged at the beach in an attack claimed by Islamic State (ISIS).
The Tunisian prime minister said that most of the people killed in the attack are British
'The majority are British. After come the Germans, then the Belgians and then other nationalities.'
Dangerous sect, ISIS, however claimed responsibility for the massacre. The militant group named Abu Yahya Qayrawanias the gunman.
It is believed that this could be the jihadi name forSeifeddine Yacoubi, the gunman who was shot dead by security forces.
According to an eyewitness account, Yacoubi was was seen laughing and joking among the midday sun seekers, looking like any other tourist.
It was claimed that he was carefully selecting the victims he would murder. The British were his prime targets on the crowded Tunisian beachfront at El Kantaoui near Sousse.
But Germans, Belgians and Tunisians were also among his 38 victims – with 36 seriously wounded. More photos below

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