Monday, 6 July 2015

Yvonne Nelson Was Spotted Alone At The BET's, John Dumelo Kept Snubbing Her All Of The Time

Yvonne’s dress to the 2015 BET

We know they used to be best of friends but now, we cannot say that at least for the time being. You do remember Yvonne Nelson said something about John Dumelo, which she obviously regretted after the harm those words caused her friendship. Sometime back in May, when she
was campaigning for her #DumsorMustStop, she termed John Dumelo as someone who loves to kiss the as* of the government
After several days, John Dumelo let out his anger, extremely shocked that someone he considers a good tight friend would insult him that way on Social media in the name of Dumsormuststop, just because he(John) had asked Ghanaians to be patient with the president in solving the problem. Read About it here: Is Their Friendship on the Break? John Dumelo Says Yvonne Nelson Insulted Him Just To Look Good In The Public Eye Moving on, in case you didn’t know Yvonne Nelson was at this year’s BET and announced it in the most ridiculous way with the below photo and caption. John Dumelo has also been in the States some weeks earlier with Majid Michel for his usual business trips. 

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