Wednesday, 8 July 2015

How to have a white weddingfu

Celebrate your nuptials with all things white - from crisp white tablecloths and elegant china, to flowers and even
paper decorations delicately suspended above the tables.
For an unforgettable wedding day, choose a simple, yet effortlessly stylish, all-white colour scheme. Add one accent colour – we chose
green – to create contrast.
The table
Use good-quality napery, plain white crockery and elegant glasses to create a luxurious and serene mood.
Paper decorations
Thread squares of plain white paper onto thin nylon thread and knot a pearl bead after each square to keep it in position. Suspend these from a length of dowel above the table as decoration.
Group a few large wine glasses on a white stand made from Supawood and put together a small arrangement in each glass. Keep to the white and green colour scheme.
Place cards
Print each guest’s initials on thick tracing paper in light grey ink. Cut the paper into a tag and pin it, together with a green leaf, to the napkin at each place setting.
Thank you
Print the words ‘Thank you’ over and over on thick tracing paper. Cut it into strips and curl each strip slightly over the blade of a pair of scissors before twisting it around flowers displayed in a glass. Dot these around the venue to thank your guests for sharing the day with you.
The cake
A classic wedding cake with dainty decorations perfectly complements this sophisticated look.
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