Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Nollywood actor Osita Iheme popularly known as Pawpaw recently stated that he definitely has interest in chasing a political ambition in Nigeria. "yes I am nursing a political ambition. I am hereby using this medium to let my colleagues know that we are the voice of the masses. People believe in us and it’s high time we joined politics and start contributing and making changes. We can no longer keep watching from the sidelines. We have to be involved in politics of this nation so that we can better the lots of this populace. We need to prove that we can change things. You cannot be an agent of change if you are not involved in what is going on. So I support my colleagues; I support any entertainer who ventures into politics. I don’t think there is anything bad in it. It’s a welcome development for use in the entertainment industry. I am also positive that my dream will come true someday."

He however stated that height is not a set back; I have always seen myself as a leader especially when am around my mates. I have always put up a bold front because am a bold person. I have been able to conquer and overcome the challenges that are around me irrespective of my nature and other things about my stature. I have been able to set aside anything that could bother me and moved on. I didn’t allow anything to really bother me while I was growing up.
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