Sunday, 31 May 2015


Born in Nigeria, raised in Canada and UK, Adebola Adeyoye Adebola Adeyoye, popularly known as V.E.R.A, is one talented artiste who has been consistently leading her game in the Nigeria entertainment scene.
V.E.R.A is one experienced artiste who has paid her dues in the entertainment industry by contributing creative works like- Blow your mind, My desire, Gobe, Oh na wah! Among others which are all very sizzling tracks that a listener will play over and over again
She has worked with many great leading entertainers. Talented V.E.R.A was a onetime back-up singer of Roger Samuels, Steve wonder, Wayne Malcolm Kelis, Nicole Scherzinger and Dorseleen Burrell among other and this she shaped her career.
Speaking on her experience in the entertainment industry so far, she says music is her way of life and proudly narrates how her experience became her formula for mastering the art of music.
She added, “I have loved everything, entertainment right from a very tender age, and I can recall as a little girl how used to entertain my parents’ guests with songs and dance.
Though I was doing it innocently, most guests didn’t leave without giving me a small token, It was their own way of appreciating my talent. ”
It has always been a dream, but it wasn’t easy being an African and growing up with Nigerian parents. Education is always paramount and music wasn’t held in high regards.”
The singer said she joined her church choir at a very young age and was also part of a singing group called, African Divas at the time.
However, she admits that she started singing professionally 5 years ago and explained the idea behing her stage name “V.E.R.A” saying it is an acronym which means a Voice-Every-Race-Accepts.
“Being a singer comes with its own blessings and challenges. However, it’s fun and exciting to entertain and serenade with your voice.” Speaking about her strength, she notes that her versatile is of no equal, adding that she could make any music that’s thrown at her once the inspiration comes.
“I’m into all sorts of genre and style; I don’t belong to a certain genre. However, if I had to choose I’d say R’N’B and Reggae as well as Pop. R’N’B is my favorite because I love how the style tells stories.
All artistes are not the same; we are all unique in our own different ways. My voice makes me different from other artistes.” She concludes.

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