Thursday, 23 July 2015

Philippine Department Of Justice Stops Chris Brown From Leaving The Country

Award-winning American pop star Chris Brown, 26, has been barred from leaving the Philippines because of a contract dispute gone wrong, the official Philippines News Agency reported Wednesday.
Brown was prevented from leaving the country just hours before he
was supposed to arrive in Hong Kong to perform at another concert.
According to the agency, an order had been issued by the on Tuesday night to stop Brown from leaving the country.
He performed that night as originally planned, but the order was put in place in an attempt to get Brown to pay back money he was accused of owing to a religious group in the country for not showing up to a performance in 2014.
Reports showed the chart-topping singer said he couldn't attend the performance because he had lost his passport.
Brown has had tons of success in his career, including one Grammy and five Billboard Music Awards, but he has also had his fair share of trouble.
Brown entered rehab in 2o13, but he was removed from the facility after smashing in his mother's car window during a family session, according to his probation officer. He returned to rehab but left in 2014.

Brown had a concert scheduled for later this week in Indonesia, but according to his Twitter account it was canceled because of "safety concerns."
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