Sunday, 14 June 2015


Most parts of Ghana including the capital city, Accra, and major city, Kumasi, recently experienced what has been described as worst flooding in the history of the country. Floods, which in some places, reached beyond the chest, were reported, and many lives were allegedly lost. The flood, according to reports was no respecter of persons as it visited both the low and the mighty. Even actors had stories to tell.
One of such actors that had a story to tell is beautiful Juliet Ibrahim who was shooting a movie at the time. According to her, the flood was so great they had to cut shooting.
"Exactly one week today, Whilst filming my new TV series my cast and crew were all inside this house located in Trasacco area and the wall broke down, the house and compound was flooded and water level was as high as our waist. Cars were damaged, equipments damaged but we thank God for our lives and we made it out of the compound through the flood leaving everything else behind. The following day we went back there and discovered that an  alligator was inside the house. My body crept at the knowledge that  we walked through the flood with such animals loitering around. May the souls of the departed of the tragic flood rest in peace. Amen! By the way, the tenants of the estate are leaving the place so only the landlord is left to occupy the place all by himself. We thank God for the revelation because it could have been worse"
 she recounted her experience in an Instagram post days ago.
For a fan who commented that she should have gone ahead with her shooting in spite of the flooding, the actress replied in anger, 
"So, I should be walking inside water that’s up to my waist level and be video recording to satisfy your curiosity or doubt? Clap for your wise self. If you can’t say anything relevant, don’t! You are obviously not a Ghanaian and didn’t see what most Ghanaian s went through last week” she lashed out.

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