Sunday, 14 June 2015


Nollywood actress Cynthia okonkwo has reveals how she almost got naked on set. Before your mind starts running wild with all sorts of imaginations, this is a girl that would never go nude on set at any price. At least that was what she said a couple of years ago. The idea of nudity or going stark naked crept in to her story as a result of what you may call occupational hazard. Every job has it, isn’t?
Beautiful, with a cherubic kind of vulnerability, you wouldn’t have thought Cynthia has a strong streak in her make-up. But Nollywood isn’t a place you pick roses as you walk through the path. It’s a damn cut-throat game that requires you’re dealing the cards with guts and blood.
“Well, I haven’t really gone through so much stress in getting roles in movies. But that does not mean I haven’t been attending auditions and facing my own challenges. I attended auditions after auditions but I never gave up any hope. It wasn’t so stressful for me even though I got my first role, while attending audition. Since then, I haven’t looked back” she once smugly said of her journey into the movies.
But has any picture a story as squeaky clean as the picture? Not a chance! Everyone has that moment of dread, that moment you want to
jump out of your skin for either doing too much or doing too little.
"There was a day on set I almost got stark naked. What happened? I was playing a character that was supposed to be fighting a rival for a man. I was tying a towel over by bosom to my waist and somehow mistakenly, the towel went off and it was just my bra and underwear that were left. That was really embarrassing because my director and crew members were all there to see me like that. What happened was a mistake, not part of the script. The movie was Girls Turn Men and the girl I was fighting with was Linda Okoro” she said

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