Tuesday, 16 June 2015

"Highlife music is our culture and way of life"

Wizboyy has revealed his core thoughts about the Highlife genre and how it affects us all.
The star refuses to acknowledge the genre as one, stating that it is enmeshed in the fibre of Nigerian lives, constituting one of the core elements of existence.
"Yeah because it is our culture, the funny thing is that you hear Highlife in everything around you.” Wizboyy.
“It’s beyond a genre,
it’s our way of life, it’s what we vibe, it’s Africa.So it’s rather going to be demeaning for me to say it’s just a genre. Highlife is us.”
Asked about how easy it was to find his style, stick to it, and grow, he was philosophical.
“It takes a while for an artiste to actually discover what sound suits him best. When I started music back then in Enugu, it took a while for me to carve out what style.”
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