Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ghananian singer is on the news again over nudity-related issues.

Singer Mzbel is expressing anger over a comment generated by what look like semi nude photos of her that recently went viral. The photos looked like
Mabel’s selfies and suggested she was not wearing underwear while getting her hair fixed.

The singer was seen wearing only a sleeveless top and had different colours of lipsticks in all three photos. She explained they were “sports bikini” photos which would be used by a condom company for advertisement.

The wild photos first appeared on Mzbel’s wall but were accompanied by a comment which suggested the musician was unhappy about what someone had said about the photos. The musician wrote her comments about the photos in what seems to be social media slang more than proper English language:-

“Oh Ghana! This outfit is a one piece sports bikini, a foto for a condom company that will sooner or later be blasted on a billboard, front and back full pucture, so y’all running ur mouth shld STFU! I AM MZBEL NOT Obaapa Mercy! Mtcheew WTF… SORRY ButBels (Mzbel Fans) u know I love u die but had to let this out

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