Saturday, 13 June 2015

Late manager's daughter crashes rapper's $300K Lamboghini

 50 Cent recently surprised fans and individuals in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon, June 12, 2015 when Tiffany Lighty, the daughter of his late manager, Chris Lighty, crashed his $300k car.
In multiple reports, 50 was sitting in the passenger seat of his Lamboghini while Tiffany Lighty drove during the shoot of Tiffany's show, In the Light
with Lighty when the crash occured.

According to other reports, Tiffany tried maneuvering her way when an Uber was double parked in front of Sweethaus Cupcakes and in the process struck the uber which affected the side of the Lambo.
The crash also left the Lambo's passenger side mirror ripped clean off. 
50 took it all calm saying it was no big deal and even posed for a picture with the Uber driver but took over the wheel from Tiffany.

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