Monday, 11 May 2015


Lizzy Anjorin

The popular Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin whose career has given her a fringe benefit has disclaimed responsibility for the separation of one’s family.

Recently the news got spread on how Lizzy shacked up with London big boy Wese Peckham.

Peckham is said to have kicked his seven months old pregnant wife out of her matrimonial home for the sake of Lizzy Anjorin. The knock-on-effect of the matter as revealed was that Peckham is planning to settle with Lizzy.

On the other hand, the light-skinned Yoruba actress has backlashed against the lingering rumor saying they are all just allegations which is not in any way true she said: I can’t hindsight how some people will just sit and invent a story just to tarnish someone’s reputation. Lizzy, however admitted that Peckham is her friend and ‘confidant’, but said she has a business relationship with the man and there is nothing more to the relationship.

I buy things whenever I go to London and I pay the Naira equivalent into his account. He is a very nice person. I am not the only one close to him; other actresses are close to him as well. If I actually date this guy, I would tell you confidently and perhaps, beg you to protect my interest and not let the world know. How can a celebrity like me go to London to date a man? I have a lot of guys in Nigeria here. How would I go to London to date a married man with a pregnant wife?

“I have not really been so much bothered about stuffs said about me. But I feel pained in this because they said I chased a pregnant woman from her home. It is not possible for such to happen in London. You cannot send your girlfriend packing in London, let alone a pregnant wife. Women rule the home in London. So, how possible is it that a man would send his pregnant wife away?

She further stated:

“If any woman is having problem with her husband, let the woman call her husband or his family and settle the problem. They should stop fighting their battles with celebrities’ names. In fact, if they continue this talk, I would go ahead and marry the guy. If anybody dared put my name again and accuses me of anything I didn’t do, I would go ahead and get married to the man in question. By the way, if I am dating your husband and you are not comfortable with it, then you can go to blazes. Your husband is not a virgin and you are not a virgin. This is a free world. You don’t know the kind of relationship I have with your husband and you are just assuming I am in a relationship with him. It is not fair at all.

“I heard it was his wife that is scandalizing my name. I don’t know how true this is. Even if she is not the person, I don’t care anymore. I don’t know her. She is not my friend. But let the truth be told, I am not dating her husband
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