Saturday, 16 May 2015


Omoni Oboli

Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli is arguably thanking her creator for sparing her life. The adorable actress escaped what should have been a fatal auto-crash last Sunday. Sharing the ugly experience on her Instagram account, the actress said, she and her friend, Tomes Adeoye were having a pleasant evening ride when suddenly another motorist emerged from nowhere to ram into theirs.“Please help me thank my Lord and my King for saving @tomesadeoye and I from a terrible accident yesterday! We were cruising down the high way on top speed when a mad driver suddenly cut in front of us to make a last minute exit. We swerved and for a minute, we lost control of our car. How we managed to come back on track is pure God. I just kept screaming ‘The blood of Jesus’ we were badly shaken but thankful that it was only our nerves that were hurt. I am thankful for the blood of the Lamb! Stay safe fam! #Iamblessed #Iamthankful – she wrote
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