Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ethiopians faulted US President, Barack Obama's gay stance

 Ethiopians had earlier condemned gay marriage in strongest of terms and warned U.S President Barack Obama not to raise the topic during his ongoing three-day visit to
the country.
Scores of Ethiopians aired their opinions on social media on Sunday, July 26, after a rainbow appeared in the sky as Obama's plane attempted to land at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport - with many interpreting the rainbow as a sign that the Obama is not welcome in the country.
Photo shows Air Force One fly past a beautiful rainbow hanging in the skies over the Ethiopian capital during its final approach on Sunday afternoon.

They described him as evil for legalizing same-sex marriage.
"This rainbow is sign of God's protection from every evil activity like obama's government," an Ethiopian wrote on Facebook.
Another user said: "Don’t forget! In Our motherland Ethiopia, the rainbow symbolizes God’s promise for mankind, not homosexuality!"
The US President had departed Kenya on Sunday, where he urged equal rights for homosexuals, but Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta was quick to counter the statement, saying same-sex marriage is against the Kenyan culture and tradition. He added that there are better issues to focus on than gay rights.
Similarly, the Ethiopian law forbids gay activities. It attracts up to 15 years imprisonment.
It is believed that Obama, who is the first serving US President to visit Ethiopia, will also push gay agenda in the country.
Citizens have however continued to reject the idea online."No dirty gay marriage in our continent Africa" a Facebookuser said, while another welcomed the President but asked him to "please keep your homosexual agenda in Air Force One before u step on the holy land."

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