Saturday, 23 May 2015


Halima Abubakar is probably the first Nigerian celebrity who openly cried out about her battle with depression. She said she was at the lowest point in her life and the rumors, hate on blogs did not make it any easier...In a new chat with Encomium, she opens up on the real reason behind it
It’s a very huge experience, and coming out of it wasn’t that easy. A lot of people don’t really understand what being depressed is. Some may say
they are sad, they are not but depressed. But what happens is that they don’t know they’re depressed, they’re just sad. Every day they ask such people, they will reply, I just dey jare. Each day they’re thinking about so many things – they think about money, love, husband, kids and all that, and all these things and more cause depression which many Nigerians don’t know because we’re strong.
We think we’re just sad when we’re in that situation. Initially, I thought I was just low, until I started having migraine. I couldn’t sleep. At a point, I couldn’t even sleep for two weeks.
You wouldn’t believe it, I was thinking I had migraine, the doctor said I had typhoid. So, we’re treating typhoid and before I knew it, I was hospitalized. I was in the hospital for a week, treating typhoid. Later, I thought I was okay; I went to Obasanjo son’s wedding in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The guy married my friend. So, we all went for the wedding. While I was there, I was extremely happy, dancing and all that but at the end of the wedding, I started feeling funny. That night against the next day, I couldn’t really figure out what happened. I just realized I needed to go back to the hospital. So, the very next day, I had to leave Abeokuta straight to the hospital. And my doctor said my migraine was back. And we started talking. He was asking me questions and when he was going personal, I told him I didn’t want to talk on anything like that. But he told me I had to so that he could see if what was wrong with me was personal. I was still on medication for a while, but thank God I have overcome that. And Insha Allah, it won’t come back.
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